Our Story

Byron and Lori Anderson started their fishing journey 8 years ago when they first met. Lori realized that Byron’s first love was fishing, which she embraced. The sport not only has brought back great memories for Lori, but it has allowed them both to pursue a passion that is realized in both fishing and running a superior rod business. 

Lori fished as a young girl off her grandparent’s dock on a small lake in Mellen, Wisconsin, where she would spend hours catching and releasing dozens of pan fish, and occasionally when her grandfather would take her out in the boat is when the “reel” action happened. She got to bring in a big Northern. She loved the fight and was hooked!

For Byron his love for fishing came later in life as a young adult.  It was trial and error at first; however, with help from the internet and reading the experts, he realized his talent and he, too, was hooked. His “go to” for the best advice was hands down watching the Next Bite and following Gary, Chase, and Keith.  In 2009, Byron pursued his Captains license and took on a few guiding jobs. He even won some local fishing tournaments.

A few years into dating, Byron expressed an interest in fishing the NWT as a co-angler, and with the love, support an business acumen of Lori, they made it happen.  A year later they purchased their first Nitro fishing boat, and Byron was now fishing the NWT and the AIM circuit — and loving every minute of it.

One day while out fishing, Lori mentioned to Byron how she would like a fishing pole - one she could call her own.  Byron reached into the rod locker and pulled out one of his rods and asked, “will this do for now?” Of course! But he promised that he would custom build her a fishing rod someday.

Fast forward, and Byron has made Lori her rod. Friends took notice, and he got a few more requests – from some pretty influential guys, actually. Byron and Lori realized that they can make a better and more affordable rod. Snyper Rods was born, flawlessly hand-made with components including titanium, which is lighter and won’t corrode.

Snyper Rods are lighter with a better “feel” on walleye. Lori and Byron… Better sensitivity and bite detection… The Perfect Catch.